Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sweet Barbeque Chicken

Tonight I grilled the chicken that I'd prepped for last night with the sweet spice rub. 

I don't know how to describe how good this smelled at this point - it was like looking at chicken but smelling apple pie.

When I got the chicken legs out of the freezer I also took out some shrimp that I'd forgotten I had.  So I prepared them how I have before - marinated in beer, melted butter, lemon and lime juice, and olive oil.


I have enjoyed the grilled fruit so far.  I should have put it on the grill directly this time though.  But they tasted like apples straight out of an apple pie.

I had some leftover grilled potato salad so I added it as a side.  The apples paired great with both the chicken and the wine.  I should have taken the shrimp off the grill sooner, or put them on later.  The onions weren't bad but I don't think I'd add them if I do this again. 

Oh, and check out the plate.  I picked up a Richmond themed plate at Tweed in Short Pump.  Expect lots of pictures of it on here because it's awwwwesoooommmee!  =o9


  1. That plate is perfect Dave!! LOVE IT!! I'm thinking maybe you can grill for Nate and me on Saturday afternoon? :P Oh and the corks pic.....sooooo cool!! :)

  2. I've seen that plate downtown at the Virginia store-it's awesome! I think I blogged about it before too. Glad you got yourself one, you are a true Richmonder. :D and btw, are you going to have any samples of any of this food? :)