Saturday, August 14, 2010

Chipotle-Honey-Glazed Chicken Wings with Toasted Seame Seeds and Green Onion

The grill recipe book I'm using is Bobby Flay's Grill It!  The book is laid out by category (chicken, beef, seafood, etc.) so if you know what you want but don't know how you want it, you have an easy reference.  When I saw the recipe for chipotle-honey chicken wings I knew that it was one I had to try. 

(And before you ask, no, I'm not going to post the full recipes on here.  Last thing I need is a "cease and desist" order from one of Bobby Flay's Publishers saying I violated some sort of copyright.)

I've never had to do much prep work with chicken before.  Most of the time I'd just grilled pre-cut parts.  Separating the chicken wings into three parts was more frustrating and time consuming than I'd thought.  I had five pounds of wings to separate, and didn't really pick up on how to properly do it until I was near the end.

By the way, don't try using kitchen scissors to separate bones. 

The recipe called for more spices than I've ever had to put together, both in the rub and in the sauce.  It also called for specific ones I would've never bought on my own. (Spanish Paprika?) 

The recipe called for toasted sesame seeds which I thought was a neat idea.  Simple technique - put the seeds into a container and heat, shaking occasionally to avoid scorching.

By the way, yes I'm using foil this time.  I normally don't like to but since there was going to be a lot of sticky sauce I didn't want it all over the grill. 

Similar to the chicken legs I'd done the last time, I started with the wings with just the rub on them.  I didn't put the sauce on until they were at least half done.

Oh, and tonight's wine is Estancia Pinot Grigio.  Kristen tried it the other night at a birthday party for our friend Bonnie at P.F. Changs.  It's a *very* light wine and really good on its own, but I didn't really like it with the wings.  A good beer would've been much better - maybe Abita Pecan Harvest.

The final overall product was great.  I made way too many and brought the leftovers to work, which made me really popular at lunchtime.  I have to say, it was difficult not adding in random items to the sauce.  I really wanted to add lime juice or something.  I also have to work faster.  My prep time took way too long and we didn't eat until pretty late. 

What I liked most about this is that most wings I have had before are usually deep fried and battered.  These were much healthier and the spice-heat wasn't overbearing.  Definitely something to make again sometime.  =o9


  1. Love!!! The chicken looks so good!! Great job Dave. I'm enjoying this blog. :D

  2. you owe me a pair of kitchen scissors! :)

    keep the grill recipes coming!