Thursday, November 4, 2010

Grilled Chicken 65 and Grilled Mango Curry Chicken

Happy Diwali, all!  Tonight is going to be a departure from the Bobby Flay cookbook.  Kristen's team is having a Diwali potluck tomorrow, and asked me to make something for the event.  I'd heard about this Indian dish called Chicken 65, which is fried and made off the bone.  So of course I had to go against convention and do them as wings on the grill.  Problem was, I'd never tried it.

Apparently Chicken 65 gets its name from being the 65th item on military menus.  To overcome language barriers, it was easier just to order by number instead of name.  A couple of days ago we went to to an Indian restaurant so I could try it out.

A couple people at work recommended the website to find a good recipe.  They also recommended a shop in town to find what I needed.  Cool thing was I had most of the ingredients already but had a couple items I still needed to get.  At the store I found a pre-made sauce, so I decided to cheat and use that instead.  I also saw a mango curry sauce and thought I'd make two flavors of wings.

I made waaayyyy too much sauce.

The rub for the mango chicken was just curry and cilantro flakes.  On the grill it smelled fantastic, especially considering that I'm not a big fan of curry.  I just used the cilantro on the Chicken 65.

Unfortunately it rained tonight so I couldn't get pictures of them on the grill.

I hope that Kristen's team enjoys them.  I didn't try any of them so I hope they'll go over well.  Funny thing is that there seems to be different traditions around Diwali.  My team did a potluck today but it was all vegetarian food.  Sorry to say that my knowledge of Diwali is limited to the episode of The Office where Michael sings the Diwali song=o9

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