Sunday, October 31, 2010

Short Entry For Public Opinion

Quick entry tonight.  I got to make the nacho burgers tonight, the ones I made in one of my previous entries.  Difference is that I made them for an audience tonight.  We hung out with friends tonight for Halloween and I thought it would be another good time to let some other people have a taste of what I've been doing.  Plus it gave me a chance to use someone else's grill.  

Good reception overall.  Everyone seemed to enjoy them.  I had to fight the urge to tell people how to put them together, and instead let them put on the toppings they wanted.  The salsa was spicier than last time - I added a lot more chipotle peppers this time around.  The guacamole was good too but I wish I had made it this morning instead of last night.  I just thought it tasted a lot better when it was fresh, which the recipe book recommended.  Also, it's not a huge effort to make.  I did use white onions instead of red, mainly because the grocery store was selling red ones only in bags instead of individual ones.  But I was happy with everything the second time around.   =o9

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  1. And they were GOOD! :) Thanks for making them Dave!! :)