Sunday, November 21, 2010

Grilled Bananas with Dulce de Leche Ice Cream and Cinnamon-Orange Sauce

Kristen had some company over today, so I thought I'd make something sweet for them.  I've wanted to try the grilled banana recipe for a while and today seemed like a good time to try.

The first step was the sauce, which was simply just orange juice and zest, sugar and brown sugar, boiled to reduce with cinnamon added at the end.  I'm not sure I reduced it enough but I got the taste right.

Next, I quartered the bananas, brushed them with canola oil, and put them on the grill.

I left them in the skin so they didn't fall apart on the grill. 

The recipe called for toasted almond slivers, and I added the orange I used for the zest as a garnish.

After reducing the sauce I added the cinnamon and it made the sauce a nice reddish brown.

After a few minutes I flipped the bananas until the skin started to peel off.

Once off the grill I added them to a bowl.  I could've put them in a fancy design, or mushed them together, but I went with a simple layout.

After that, I added the ice cream, sauce, and almonds.  I couldn't find Dulce de Leche so I just used a creamy vanilla.

I'll confess - I had several bites before I remembered to add the garnish.

Oh, my!  YUM!  I loved it, and my two testers cleaned their bowls.  This entry has encouraged me to try more of the fruit/desert recipes.  =o9

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  1. I'm not really company but I'll be a tester anytime. LOL :)